Gov. Hogan Heads To Iowa State Fair. Here's Why It's Important For Presidential Hopefuls

By FOX45
Posted on 08/10/22 | News Source: FOX45

 The Iowa State fair is known for its corn dogs, its cow sculpted from butter, its grilled pork chops and presidential politics. As Republican Larry Hogan considers a run for the White House it’s almost mandatory and so Thursday Hogan is going to the fair in Des Moines, Iowa.

“You have to come in, give it a shot, make your case, look voters in the eye, as we say 'shake their hands look them in the eye' and tell them where you stand,” said University of Iowa political science professor Tim Hagle.

Hagle explains that’s because the Iowa caucuses will once again kick off the presidential primary season in 2024. It is essentially the starting line for the race and those interested in running need to jockey for position now.

In each presidential election year, Iowa traditionally holds the first primary caucuses in the country and New Hampshire has the first primary. Presidential hopefuls have long made stops in both states well ahead of their party’s nomination process.