Minister Matan Kahana Gets Security Detail After Ruling Calls Him a “Rodef”

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 12/05/21 | News Source: MATZAV

Israel’s Shin Bet has put Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana under guard after discovering a group saying that he has a ‘din rodef‘ – a ruling sanctioning his murder. Haaretz reports.

Sources have tied the threats to Kahana’s efforts to undermine halacha and Yiddishkeit in areas such as kashrus and geirus, conversion.

The Shin Bet ordered the boosted security following the discovery that an extremist group had called for applying the din rodef permitting the killing of a person whose actions threaten another’s life.

The din rodef is based on the idea that “the saving of the life of a person pursued by an attacker is so important that even the killing of the pursuer is allowed to save the person from the pursuer, if no other option exists.”