Har Habayit Activists Banned From Old City Of Jerusalem

By Arutz-7
Posted on 12/05/21 | News Source: Arutz-7

The police issued administrative orders on Friday against two Temple Mount activists banning them from the Old City of Jerusalem.

Raphael Morris, head of the Returning to the Mount organization, and Uri Shilo, the movement's area coordinator, received orders banning them from the entire Old City, including the Temple Mount.

Last week, at the beginning of Hanukkah, movement activist Yair Kehati was arrested and taken to the police station for what he called an "intimidation call" with Shabak agents over his activities regarding the Temple Mount.

Kehati said that he was then released without being charged,

In addition to Kehati's arrest, during the holiday a number of other activists in the movement were summoned for questioning by the police, and after they refused to comply without a court order - some were arrested at their home, and two activists even received administrative expulsions from the Old City.

Another activist in the movement was detained by police detectives on his way to a vacation in the south with his family, and was required to report immediately to a police station near Jerusalem.

Rafael Morris told the TPS news agency: "The government and the police think they can stop the activity of the 'Return to the Mount' movement through Shabak talks and administrative expulsions. I am sorry to inform them that they are only wrong - the activity will only continue to grow. The Israeli police and security forces must invest their efforts against the Muslim terrorists and against the Arab incitement coming out of the Temple Mount."

He said, "In the near future we will continue to expose the entire general public to some of our activities. I have no doubt that the Israel Police will regret any move against the mountain activists, any expulsion and arrest - the activity for the Temple building will increase."