Chanukah In Yerushalayim (Photo Essay)

By BJLIfe/Sharon Altshul
Posted on 12/02/21

Jerusalem, Israel - Dec. 2, 2021 - With travel to non-Israelis limited, and thousands disappointed not to be in Yerushalayim for Chanukah, BJL went from Yaffa Gate through the Old City to the Kotel to share some of the Chanukah magic with readers.

The Hurva Synagogue in the Rova is a tourist highlight with the Temple menorah replica illuminated in front of the building. There are new steps by the new Western Wall Heritage Center building where the large flames are lit each evening with various dignitaries. Progress on the elevator is more visible, but baby strollers still are being schlepped down the stairs.

Mincha minyanim are easy to find before the Chanukah festivities begin with various musical performers and singers. On the fifth night, the large traditional menorah was lit by Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu. 

In windows along the way thru the Jewish Quarter tours of Israelis come each night to observe the lights by private homes that illuminate the narrow streets. 

Chanukah sameach from Yerushalayim!