Biden Approval Hits Low Of 42.3% In RealClearPolitics Average

By Newsmax
Posted on 10/21/21 | News Source: Newsmax

An average of five different national surveys show that more than half the country disapproves of the job President Joe Biden is doing.

RealClearPolitics on Wednesday said Biden’s overall job approval rating is just 42.3%, with 51.2% of likely voters disapproving. A whopping 60.8% say the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The numbers were the average results of six surveys — Grinnell/Selzer, Quinnipiac, Morning Consult-Politico, Economist/YouGov, Rasmussen Reports, and Reuters/Ipsos — conducted at times between Sept. 9-Oct. 19.

Immigration appears to be Biden’s biggest problem, with 58.7% (Sept. 15-Oct. 18) saying they disapproved of his job. An average of 31.8% overall approved of his immigration policies.

Biden’s job approval in terms of foreign policy (Sept. 15-Oct. 4) resulted in an overall 38.4% approving and 53.2% disapproving.

With the economy, the polls’ average said 50.8% disapprove of Biden’s job and 42.3% approve.