Litzman: Every Day The Government Attacks The Haredim

By Arutz-7
Posted on 10/14/21 | News Source: Arutz-7

Former Housing and Construction Minister Yaakov Litzman criticized Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked's decision to freeze the promotion of the construction of the haredi city in southern Kiryat Gat.

"The haredi sector deserves to live not only with the Bedouin, they are constantly pushing us for money. Our sector is short 100,000 housing units. Therefore, Minister Deri and I planned to build in Kiryat Gat, and now Elkin and Shaked committed a heinous act and took it away. A day will come and Abbas will want Kasif as well," Litzman said in an interview with Kol Chai radio.

Litzman criticized the conduct of the government and said that "there is no one person who annoys me in the government, rather there are many. Every day there's a new attack from the government. Every day I get angry again."

Litzman did not rule out possible haredi support for MK Yuli Edelstein as prime minister. "I do not rule out going with Edelstein, but I do not know what his views are on conversion, immigrants from Russia, and a variety of other issues. Then we will go to the council. We have known Netanyahu for years."

Litzman called Minister Matan Kahana;s proposed kashrut reforms dangerous. "The foundation of kashrut in this country is the chief rabhbinate, and we are protecting it. With the conversion reform, at the end, we will reach a situation that requires the opening of a genealogy book."