White House To Quadruple COVID-19 Home Testing Market By The End Of 2021

By Washington Examiner
Posted on 10/13/21 | News Source: Washington Examiner

The White House is expected to announce a billion-dollar government purchase that will increase the availability of COVID-19 at-home tests on Wednesday.

The Biden administration will purchase another $1 billion of at-home tests for COVID-19. This purchase will contribute to the quadrupling of the market to 200 million COVID-19 tests per month in December, a White House official told Politico.

“There will not just be more tests on the market, but we expect much more affordable tests on the market,” the White House official said.

In addition to producing more at-home COVID-19 tests, the administration is working to bolster the number of pharmacies offering free testing to 20,000 locations. The White House’s goal is 30,000 COVID-19 testing sites offering free testing in the nation. The increase in at-home COVID-19 tests comes after an increase in demand following the discovery of the delta variant.