The Beginnings Of Taliban Police In Kabul

By i24
Posted on 10/06/21 | News Source: i24

Taliban police now number 4,000 men in the city of Kabul

The Taliban movement is experiencing a hesitant transition from the daily life of violence, war, and insurgency to challenges of the civil administration of a country. 

Those who spent years in the ranks of Taliban fighters stand today as police roaming the streets of Kabul to catch "thieves, murderers, those who drink wine," as Rahimullah, a Taliban police officer, illustrates.

In its "Talibanized" version, the police outfit no longer includes pants and jackets, but a traditional Afghan tunic, the shalwar kameez. This suit is printed in blue military fabric, the color of the uniform of their predecessors.

Little else remains of the former Afghan police, put in place and trained by international forces. When the Taliban overthrew the government and the city of Kabul several weeks ago, most of the police left their posts.