Iran Sets COVID-19 Infection Record For 2nd Straight Day

By i24
Posted on 07/27/21 | News Source: i24

Islamic Republic struggling to contain outbreak of highly contagious delta variant

Iran on Tuesday set a record for daily COVID-19 cases for a second straight day as the highly contagious delta variant quickly spreads across the Middle Eastern country, prompting authorities to impose new restrictions.

Health officials registered more than 34,900 new infections, topping the previous record set just a day earlier of 31,814 cases.

The Islamic Republic recorded 357 COVID-19 fatalities on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll to 89,479 — the highest in the Middle East.

The government last week scrambled to introduce new curbs to attempt to limit the outbreak caused by the delta variant currently circulating globally. The restrictions included a week-long lockdown in the capital Tehran, which was the fifth lockdown the country imposed since the pandemic began.

Less than 3 percent of people in Iran are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus as health officials warn of hospitals being overwhelmed from the latest outbreak.

Tehran has also recently seen protests against power cuts and also against water shortages in the drought-stricken southwestern province of Khuzestan.