Israel's Igud of Foreign Yeshivos & Seminaries Releases Update on Upcoming Entry for Students

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 06/21/21 | News Source: Chaim V'Chessed

There has been endless discussion and speculation regarding entry rules to Israel for students for the upcoming school year. Claims have varied widely; with some stating that all students will be allowed into the country. Other rumors have suggested that only vaccinated students will be allowed to enter Israel.

Today, the Igud of Foreign Yeshivos & Seminaries, headed by the indefatigable Rabbi Nechemia Malinowitz, issued a letter regarding this fraught topic. In the missive, the Igud offers preliminary guidance to institution heads.

Though not final, the Igud advises that vaccination or recovery from Covid will apparently be a requirement for students to receive visas for the upcoming school year. Recovered Covid patients will be required to present positive PCR tests to prove that they had Covid. (Many Covid recoverees do not have this documentation.)

The letter states that it is unclear if antibodies will be accepted as proof of recovery. It concludes that students with antibodies but without proof of recovery, who do not wish to vaccinate, may need to wait before receiving permission to Israel. The Igud is attempting to arrange permission for students with antibodies to be granted visas; however, this has not yet been approved.

Read the letter here.