Attention All Lakewood Residents: Public Service Announcement

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 03/28/20 | News Source:

L’Toeles Hatzibur – Public Service Announcement for those in the Lakewood Area

We want you to have as much advance notice as possible – if you were planning on traveling for Pesach it is near certain that you will be unable to, and that you will be making Pesach here in Lakewood.  This applies even if you have been in quarantine for 14 days, most Kehillos are NOT allowing any visitors, most states have travel restrictions and Rabonim and physicians are opposed to any such travel.

This applies to the 1st days, last days and Chol Hamoed alike.

See attached for some of the Kehilla notices from around the country, from places like Cleveland, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore.

We strongly advise that you make your plans NOW for Pesach in Lakewood. With social distancing rules, and the number of infected growing, you CANNOT count on joining with other local families for Pesach either.

The Kehilla and the BMG Poskim will be giving guidance shortly on things you can do this year and we will be sharing additional tips for you.

We have also created the “pesach box” so that you can easily buy the essential kitchen supplies that you will need, without endangering yourself by going out and shopping.  If this is your FIRST time making Pesach and you live in the Lakewood area, and do not yet have kitchen-houseware supplie,s this will be made available.  We will provide more info on how to order the box next week.  Attached is our preliminary flyer, we are working nonstop on to ensure that we have enough supplies for all and will provide all info early next week.

Wishing a shabbos of Menucha and Refuos for all.

Rabbi Aaron Kotler                            Rabbi Eli Tabak                  Rabbi Mutty Tress

President and Chief Executive Officer      Board of Governors        Executive Director

Beth Medrash Govoha                         Beth Medrash Govoha          Chaveirim of Lakewood