Jerusalem 'Studio Of Her Own' Dedication (Photo Essay)

By BJLIfe/Sharon Altshul
Posted on 12/25/19

Jerusalem, Israel - Dec. 25, 2019 - A pop-up exhibit at the new location for Studio of Her Own dedication, the new women's art center at the former home of the artist Pinchas Litvinovsky, was held on Tuesday night, the third night of Chanukah in Jerusalem, Israel.

The exhibit in the space as it stood originally in the painter's time, untouched since his death in 1985, holds contemporary artwork responding to the unique place, curated by Ruth Oppenheim.  An original colorful work of Litvinovsky is posted on the wall on the upper floor landing center area. A photograph of the Israeli Paris trained artist is nearby.

For 10 years a steering committee, founder Zipi Mizrahi, artist Dr. Ronit Kark, filmmaker Raya Bruckenthal, artist Heddy Breuer Abramowitz, and recently Yeala Hazit Yenuka, worked to see the new home of Studio of Her Own, from dream to reality.  

Abramowitz explained to BJL, "Ten years ago when 'Studio of Her Own' founder Zipi Mizrahi started this organization, professional religious women artists were nearly invisible in the art scene of Israel. Some would feel it necessary to downplay their identity or subject matter. For the last 5 years of those years, we were operating from our intimate shelter gallery far from the center of Jerusalem. With a core group of over 40 artists exhibiting in more than 40 exhibits during that time, we succeeded in gaining a great deal of attention and respect in the local and national art scene. It is no longer a curiosity to see religious women exhibiting in professional venues, though much work remains to be done to crack open more doors."

In the new space, priorities have turned from self-limiting sectorial goals to opening the studio doors to professional women artists of every religious identity and practice, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian within Israel. The goal is to invite female artists on the international level as well.

"We seek support to make this beautiful historic building a space that can accommodate our goals of professional exhibition space for contemporary art, a research and information center on women artists, and a residency program for women artists who are mothers, a rare opportunity. There is simply no place like Jerusalem for inspiration," added Abramowitz. Studio of Her Own is to be a platform for art by women open to the general public to participate in future events, gallery talks, speakers and collaborative efforts with women in other art fields. They look forward to enriching the cultural life of Jerusalem, widening audiences – including collectors – for art by women, and cross-fertilizing with other Israeli and international women artists interacting with their growing community of art lovers.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Abramowitz moved to Israel in 1979 where for years, with husband. from Baltimore Benson Abramowitz, and family, lived in the Jewish Quarter, recently moving to Katamon.  

Included in the photo essay at the dedication with artists and admirers, US Embassy Cultural staff representatives, James S. Snyder, for 20  years, Director of the Israel Museum and presently Executive Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation, and photographs of art pieces by Abramowitz, Maya Israel, Yosefa Zaush, and Tamer Shippony.

Honored to light the Chanuka menorah was Studio of Her Own artist Yael Buchbinder- Shimoni.