The Last 24 Hours in Israel - Nov. 13 - A Review

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 11/13/19 | News Source: i24

November 13, 2019

03:44 PM

Islamic Jihad provides ceasefire conditions to Israel: report

Palestinian Islamic Jihad provided its conditions for a ceasefire agreement with Israel: Israel stops targeted killings in the Gaza Strip as well as in the West Bank, bans use of live fire against protesters in Great March of Return border protests, and an end to the blockade on Gaza. 

The conditions were set out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad al-Nakhalah, based in Syria, in an interview with pan-Arabist Al Mayadeen television channel. Nakhalah said his organization had provided its conditions in response to Israel's appeal for a ceasefire.  

03:24 PM

Rocket sirens sound in Ashdod, reports of interceptions by Iron Dome

03:15 PM

Palestinian Islamic Jihad head says 'Israel only understands language of force'

The head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad told the Al-Maidin that Israel allegedly only understands the language of force. The fact that schools closed their doors and businesses were shut in Israel in the wake of the PIJ response to the attack means that the PIJ succeeded in conveying its message in this language, he said.  

03:10 PM

Report: PIJ spokesperson confirms deescalation talks in Cairo

Muhammad al-Hindi, a senior member of the political wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, told Arab media source that the group is currently engaged in a diplomatic effort brokered by Egypt in a bid to reach a deescalation agreement. 

02:50 PM

Rocket strikes continue as night descends on Israel

With red alert sirens wailing, intercepted rockets go up in the skies over Ashdod.

RAW FOOTAGE: The skies of southern Israel RIGHT NOW. Hundreds of rockets are being fired by Islamic Jihad from at Israeli homes.

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02:18 PM

Death toll rises to 26 in Gaza following latest IDF strikes 

The health ministry in Gaza announces the deaths of two Palestinians, following the latest wave of IDF air strikes. Reports suggest there are many more wounded in Gaza City. 

01:44 PM

Rocket alert sirens sound in Ashdod and Nitzan

The initial reports painted a mixed picture in the first rocket alerts heard in the city of Ashdod Wednesday, with some suggesting at least three rockets were intercepted.

01:36 PM

PIJ denies reports that its head is in Cairo for ceasefire talks

An official with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad denied the reports that the head of the group was in Cairo for Egypt-brokered deescalation talks with Israel. He called on the public to only rely on the messages the group delivered through its official channels. 

01:32 PM

IDF says struck additional PIJ targets in Gaza

Late on Wednesday, the IDF said it struck additional Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip. According to the press release, these included a military compound, a training complex used by the group's Gaza City Division, and a rocket production site. 

12:26 PM

IDF Spokesperson: 20 of 24 killed in Gaza 'combatant terrorists'

IDF Spokesperson Jonathan Conricus says that based on Israeli intelligence, 20 of the 24 Palestinians killed in Gaza were "combatant terrorists". 

12:08 PM

Israeli official reportedly suggests ceasefire, escalation equally viable

"Things are happening at the same time. On the one hand there are contacts but on the other they are shooting and we are attacking," an unnamed Israeli official was quoted by Ynet, referring to UN and Egyptian brokered talks with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.  

"It can close tonight, or tomorrow, but it can also surf and get worse," he said of the Gaza conflict.  

11:59 AM

Report: Hamas seeking to leverage Israel-PIJ standoff 

Hamas is willing to push the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to restrain the rocket attacks on Israel if Jerusalem came up with a concrete proposal that would scale down the blockade pressure and increase Gazans' wellbeing, Haaretz reports, citing sources in the Gaza Strip.   

11:55 AM

Gantz supports unity government but says not to link to Gaza escalation 

"I call for unity all the time and make every effort to establish a unity government," says Blue & White Benny Gantz, but warns "not to take a specific event and wrap the political question in it." 

10:45 AM

IDF warns those living in Gaza border communities to stay close to shelters

As cited by the Israeli Army radio, the IDF warned those living in the communities near the Gaza Strip border to make sure they stay close to bomb shelters in the next few hours. Reports suggest that the warning comes due to intelligence warnings of an upcoming heavy rocket attack and terrorist infiltration attempt.

10:39 AM

Report: 400 rockets launched at Israel since onset of hostilities

According to Israel's Channel 7, a total of 400 rockets has been launched at Israel since the onset of hostilities on Tuesday.

10:24 AM

Bennett says PIJ trying to expose Gazans to greater harm

In his remarks following a security assessment with the interim Prime Minister Netanyahu and top security officials, Israel's new Defense Minister focused his ire on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, avoiding to be seen as implicating Hamas as well.

“We see Islamic Jihad wants to drag the residents of Gaza into much greater harm," Bennett said. "This is their decision if they will drag Gaza [residents] into something like this. We hope they won’t, but they will be responsible for any decisions in the coming hours.”

10:14 AM

Gaza's Healthcare Ministry says death toll rises to 24 since Tuesday

According to the latest report from the Hamas-run Gaza Healthcare Ministry, 24 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the onset of the hostilities on Tuesday. A further 70 people have reportedly been wounded.

10:11 AM

IDF says struck an Islamic Jihad operative 

IDF says struck an PIJ attack as he was about to launch a rocket attack on Israel, adding it confirmed a hit.

09:57 AM

Netanyahu hopes for short Gaza campaign, PIJ says he is 'begging for calm'

Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) says, "The next few hours will be decisive in terms of the response from Jerusalem (the military arm of the organization) -- Netanyahu begs for calm. The decision to end the campaign is ours. We will not allow Israel any calm when the Palestinian nation will end up paying the price."

"We are in the midst of a campaign, and we hope it will be as short as possible. We are not seeking escalation, but we will do everything necessary to restore peace and security to the southern and Israeli residents," Netanyahu said during a security update.

09:30 AM

UN Special Coordinator For Middle East calls for halt to attacks on Israel

Nickolay Mladenov, the UN Special Coordinator For Middle East Peace Process, released a statement on Wednesday calling for the immediate halt to the rocket strikes on Israeli territory. 

"There can be no justification for any attacks against civilians," the statement says, adding that the UN was working to start a deescalation.

09:15 AM

Gaza group says expands rocket range to hit targets further from the Strip

The Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades, which are the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, say they expanded the range of their rockets to hit targets further from the Gaza Strip.

09:07 AM

Red alert sirens go off in communities near Gaza strip

09:03 AM

Reports: IDF tells Hamas if group attacks Israel, whole buildings will be razed

According to the Kan public broadcaster, IDF has sent a message to the Hamas through the mediators, warning the group that if it joins in on the attacks on Israel, the Israeli forces would start blowing up whole buildings in the Gaza Strip.

It cited a Palestinian official as saying that Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which has been raining rockets on Israel since early Tuesday, are working together, but are cautious not to allow the current crisis to escalate into a full-fledged war. 

08:41 AM

Initial reports: direct hit in Ashkelon

A direct hit on a residential building was reported in the town of Ashkelon near the Gaza border after red alert sirens went off in the area. According to the police, the building took heavy damage, with bomb defusal experts working on the scene.

Response teams with the MDA, Israel's national emergency service, rushed to the scene, with at least one person, a 65-year-old woman who cut herself on shattered glass, sustaining minor injuries. 

08:11 AM

Hamas threatens to enter fight with Israel

Hamas tells Fox News that if Israeli aerial strikes continue it will have a “moral obligation” to enter the fight and “protect the Palestinian people.”

06:58 AM

Islamic Jihad, Hamas: 'Will not agree to cowardly assassinations'

Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas military branches release joint statement, saying “our shared operations room is conducting the military operation in accordance of the highest level.”

Further, it stated “we will not agree, under no circumstance, to the occupation’s efforts to return to the cowardly assassinations policy.”

06:16 AM

Israeli Parliament: Tibi interrupts Netanyahu, yells 'you are lying'

Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronted Israeli-Arab lawmakers at the Knesset plenum, saying “when the [Islamic Jihad] aim at a residence neighborhood in Ashkelon, do they think there’s military there? The Jihad hurts innocent civilians.”

Joint List parliamentarian Ahmad Tibi responded, branding the government’s actions as “crimes against humanity,” the latter interrupted Netanyahu’s speech, yelling “you are lying, you are inciting.

“That is not appropriate for a prime minister. You repeat that [lie] every Monday and Thursday,” Tibi slammed Israel’s longest-serving premier. He further shouted “This is Operation Save Netanyahu,” before being banished from the plenum.

06:13 AM

Gaza Health Ministry: Palestinian death toll from Israeli strikes rises to 22

Gaza's Health Ministry said on Wednesday that at least 22 Palestinian have been killed and 69 injured following IDF airstrikes on the coastal enclave.

06:03 AM

Gaza rockets fired into border community of Kissufim in southern Israel

A barrage of rockets originating from the Gaza Strip were fired into the border community of Kissufim in southern Israel.

05:19 AM

IDF strikes long-range missile production factory in Gaza

IDF spokesperson says the Israeli military completed a round of strikes against Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip.

During one of those offenses, a long-range missile heads production factory was attacked as well as a Khan Yunis division’s headquarters.

05:15 AM

Netanyahu: Islamic Jihad choice to stop escalation or get pummeled

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “in the last 24 hours we eradicated important targets belonging to the Islamic Jihad. We prevented terrorist squads from firing rockets into Israel’s territory, in some instances during the launching process.

“I said that we do not seek escalation but will answer every assault against us with a stronger assault in response,” the prime minister continued. “The Islamic Jihad has one option, to stop its attacks or absorb more and more and more blows -- their choice.”

04:12 AM

Report: Kornet missile fired at IDF vehicle

An anti-tank Kornet missile fired toward Israeli military vehicle east to city of Jabalia in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Ma’an news agency reports.

The IDF denied such reports.

04:05 AM

IDF deploys more forces across Gaza border

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) begin deploying artillery regiments across the southern Palestinian enclave.

Golani's Brigade 13 was also deployed in the area for additional manpower, Hebrew media reported.

04:02 AM

Israel: Rocket salvo targets Gaza border community of Sderot 

A salvo of rockets from the Gaza Strip were fired at the border community of Sderot.

No injuries or damage to infrastructure has been reported. 

03:45 AM

Netanyahu: Islamic Jihad rockets will not diminish Israel's resolve 

Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that the rockets fired by the Gaza-based terror organization Islamic Jihad will not diminish Israel's resolve. 

He added that it was up to the militants whether to "halt fire or continued to get pummeled" by the IDF. 

02:45 AM

Gaza militants fire rockets into Ashkelon 

A barrage of rockets fired at the port city of Ashkelon as Gaza-based militants continue to strike Israeli communities. 

The Gaza Health Ministry said that at least 12 Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants have been killed since Tuesday. 

02:24 AM

More than a dozen rockets launched from Gaza fired at Israel's south 

More than a dozen rockets launched from the Gaza Strip were fired at Israel's south at around 9:23 am (local time). 

No damage or injuries have been reported.   

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02:24 AM

Minister warns Israel 'will expand its attacks'

Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz warns Hamas, says if won't stop rocket fire from Gaza Strip Israel "will expand its attacks."

He further stated that Israel faces a tough decision, "but a ground operations is on the cards," as quoted by outlet Ynet.

02:18 AM

Gaza Health Ministry identifies 12th Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant killed in wake of IDF operation

The Gaza Health Ministry identified the 12th Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant the IDF has killed since hostilities broke out Tuesday morning. 

Ala'a Jabar Ashtawi, a member of PIJ's Al-Quds Brigade military arm, was killed Wednesday morning following an IDF strike in eastern Gaza.

02:05 AM

Report: Second Islamic Jihad commander killed as Gaza fighting continues

A senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commander was reportedly killed in an Israeli military operation on Wednesday, according to Gaza media outlets. 

Senior PIJ commander Khalid Farag was killed in an reported airstrike launched during an early morning operation after nearly a dozen rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip.