Discarded Windows Give View Of Jerusalem's Diversity

Posted on 07/17/19 | News Source: Vosizneias.com

Jerusalem - A project in downtown Jerusalem is using an ornate tower constructed of discarded windows from around the city to give people a view of its diverse cultural past and present and bring life to a neglected area.

“Window Stories” is made of 550 windows collected by the late Jerusalem artist Yoram Amir, who died earlier this year. Organizers say the eclectic collection reflects the ethnic and religious pluralism of the city and sends a powerful message.

There are “Muslim windows and Christian windows, and Jewish, and Armenian and they all come together as a beautiful piece, and it’s a statement for a better Jerusalem,” said the project’s manager, Kobi Frig.

The exhibit is part of an annual festival put on by Mekudeshet, a group that sponsors artistic events that focus on Jerusalem’s complexities.

Karen Brunwasser, one of the founders of Mekudeshet, said the windows “tell a deeper story about the way we are supposed to treat each other in this city, the fact that this city has room for everyone.”

Brunwasser said that Amir was “madly in love with Jerusalem” and for 20 years collected windows that were thrown out as a result of development projects. He worked on the installation until his death in March.

He said Amir was weary of the fast-paced changes of the city and viewed the windows as a reminder of our “responsibility to the past, particularly in such an ancient city.”

The installation, which opened this month, is to stay open at least through September. It was intentionally placed in the heart of Jerusalem at a small park that is usually empty and overlooked.

“It’s a cute little place that is, let’s say underutilized” said Brunwasser. “One of the ideas was to take a place that actually is beautiful, but kind of off the radar, and through this installation do some sort of place-making and attract people to appreciate this really really quiet and beautiful corner.”