Sponsored: Watch - BENZION BLUMING & ELI ATIAS: Taking The Baltimore Music Experience To A New Level! (Video)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 08/12/19

Baltimore, MD - July 15, 2019 -  Did you recently attend an event in Baltimore and couldn’t leave simply because the music was great? Must have been the beautiful and energizing music from musician Benzion Bluming and singer Eli Atias. They have been transforming the music experience in Baltimore!

Benzion & Eli - It’s the sound Baltimore has been waiting for!” Says J. Reches - videographer, after seeing numerous weddings where all participated in non-stop dancing. “No need to bring in music from N.Y. It’s the same sound right here”.

“When I saw Benzion and Eli on Lag BaOmer, I knew they are something special and that I wanted them for our Grand Siyum! They didn’t disappoint… The music was so beautiful and elevating, and the Bochurim enjoyed every moment!”

-        Rabbi A. Feldheim, Mesivta Kesser Torah

“The music was beautiful at our son's wedding. Many guests commented on how they enjoyed the music and how the volume was perfect - not too loud….”

-        S. W. - Wedding

“… the REAL style, like all the guys that come in from NY or Lakewood, except he is better! Yes, I was one of his extremely satisfied customers myself…”

-        S. T. - Bar Mitzvah  

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