BDE: 79-Year-old Jewish Grandmother Killed By Foul Ball At Dodger Stadium

By Arutz Sheva
Posted on 02/06/19 | News Source: MATZAV

A California Jewish woman died four days after being hit in the head by a foul ball at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Linda Goldbloom, 79, died Aug. 29, ESPN revealed this Tuesday, of “acute intracranial hemorrhage due to history of blunt force trauma” after being hit in the head by a foul ball in the ninth inning.

Though not reported by news outlets, the family said in an emailed death announcement, “While the end came suddenly by a foul ball at Dodgers (sic) Stadium, she had a long beautiful and blessed life.”

Goldbloom, a mother of three and grandmother of seven, was a “true fan” of the Dodgers, her daughter said. The family says they plan to establish a fund in her memory to assist victims of such accidents and their families.

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