Brooklyn, NY - A video posted on Twitter is being reviewed by the NYPD to determine if a motorcade bringing a prominent Israeli rabbi to Williamsburg engaged in an unauthorized use of lights and sirens, a violation of city law.

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, head of Jerusalem’s Eida Chareidis, arrived in the New York area on Tuesday and will be speaking at an anti-Zionist Satmar convention taking place this Sunday at the Nassau Coliseum. 

A video showing Rabbi Sternbuch’s seven car motorcade driving down Wilson Street, with an undetermined number of SUVs in the procession bearing lights and sirens and making an illegal right on red light at the Bedford Avenue intersection.

Under Article 9 of the New York City Vehicle and Traffic law, only emergency vehicle engaged in emergency operations are allowed to display colored flashing lights, with similar restrictions applying to sirens.

The 90th Precinct is aware of the video, reported  The NY Daily News.

“If any vehicle is observed using unauthorized lights and sirens, an investigation will be conducted and appropriate enforcement action will be taken,” said NYPD spokesperson Sergeant Jessica McRorie.  “The NYPD did not provide an escort and did not observe the SUV’s using lights or sirens.”

A second video that surfaced showed Rabbi Sternbuch being driven through Kiryas Joel in another motorcade featuring flashing lights and sirens.  Like New York City, New York State law also restricts volunteers’ use of flashing lights and sirens to those responding to emergencies.