Baltimore, MD - Dec. 4, 2017 - Kalman Feldman is a long-time resident of Baltimore and a daily reader of  He reads Alan Freishtat’s articles weekly.  We recently interviewed him concerning Kalman's new found health and his new looks also:

BJL: Kalman, you have lost a lot of weight lately through a program you found through Baltimore Jewish Life. We understand you are a participant of Alan Freishtat’s 10 Weeks to Health.

How do you feel the 10 Weeks to Health program has been different from previous weight loss attempts?

KF: Alan's program is not a diet. It is a change in lifestyle. About seven years ago, I lost 20 pounds in about 10 weeks through severe calorie reduction and extreme exercise six days a week. Needless to say, I gained it all back. Alan's program has taught me how to eat smart and exercise appropriately.

BJL: What has been the most/biggest challenge for you on your path to a healthier lifestyle and how did this program help you with that?

KF: My biggest challenge has been to get a grip on unhealthy snacking. Reduced-fat potato chips were part of my daily routine. Alan's program has made me account for everything I am eating and gives me plenty of healthy snack alternatives which are filling and nutritious. 

BJL: Other than losing more than 20 pounds so far, what has been your biggest success?

KF: Being able to move around! My body is so flexible now. I am no longer afraid of stairs (during my break at the office, I try to walk up 10 flights of stairs). In the past, my heavy video equipment, along with being overweight, had put a lot of stress on my knees and feet. Just last night, I picked up my video camera and shoulder rig and said, “Is that it? Did I forget something?” It felt so much lighter and I can move with it without any stress to my knees.

BJL: How has your mindset changed?

KF: I really wasn't so conscientious about my weight in the past (maybe I should have been!). However, now, I must admit that I do feel more confident about myself.

BJL: Were you nervous to try a program that operated remotely (Skype) and how did that work for you?

KF: Well, at first, I thought that I would need Alan to actually see me exercising, to make sure I was doing it correctly and consistently. However, I quickly realized that his exercise instructions were very clear and the exercises were not difficult. Also, I have to make a daily record for him of my exercise, along with a listing of the food I eat. Even with the 7-hour time difference, we are able to schedule our sessions conveniently for me, which is before I start my work day.

BJL: How are you feeling overall compared to 3 months ago before you did the program?

KF: I feel great. Many months ago, I recall trying a quick 30-second jog because I was in a rush to get somewhere. I also recall how weak and out-of-breath I was after that jog. Today is a different story. My body can move and can handle the jogging. I highly recommend that your readers try Alan's weight loss program. You have everything to lose. 

Finally, I would like to thank Baltimore Jewish Life for making this shidduch. I never knew about Alan's program until you starting carrying his fitness and health articles.