Storm warning: Keep babies, elderly and chronically ill snug and warm

Flash floods expected in South, 30-60 cm. of snow for Mount Hermon, high winds everywhere.

national safety advisory was issued on Thursday, as the country braces for a stormy weekend punctuated by heavy rains and winds up to 90 kph.

According to Alissa Razy, a forecaster at the Israel Meteorological Service, the storm will gradually build Thursday evening on the Golan Heights in the North, then spread south to Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the northern Negev overnight Friday and Saturday.

Watch as water pouring into the Kinneretrises a few centimeters in just a few hours.

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Israel's Water Authority said Friday morning that 20-30 mm. of rain fell in the north of Israel and 40-50 mm. fell in the Galilee and Golan overnight Thursday. The Sea of Galilee's critically low water level rose by two centimeters.

“During the day Friday, we will have the strongest winds of 40 to 60 kph, with gusts of up to 90 kph. The distribution of the rain will continue to spread southeastward, so we are calling it rainy and stormy Friday from the North to the Negev.”

Razy added that snowfall of between 30 and 60 cm. will be isolated at the highest regions of Mount Hermon in the North.

“In the southern Negev, we are expecting haze and a high risk of flash floods in wadis [riverbeds], as well as flooding in the coastal plains, so people should stay away from those areas,” she cautioned.

Overnight Friday through Saturday, Razy said, the storm will begin to weaken significantly, with more at JPost