The flames originating inside the apartment on Yitzchak Mugzach Street in Rehovot signaled the resident inside was trapped. He tried to destroy evidence while police outside knocked on the door. The fire got out of hand and he sustained serious injury as a result.

Last Thursday, police arrived at the home armed with a search warrant. He was suspected of being in possession of dangerous substances. While police were banging at the door, the suspect refused to open to permit them to enter.

The smell of smoke began to permeate the air as well as escaping from the apartment under the door, bringing police to the awareness he was trying to burn the evidence while they waited to enter.

However, his efforts got out of hand and the apartment became engulfed in flames and he was trapped inside. At this point, police took a step back and firefighters moved in, rescuing the 25-year-old suspect who sustained serious burns.

The dangerous substances were located and identified along with an undisclosed large amount of cash and weapons. The suspect remains hospitalized and the investigation continues, police report.