With the US announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the PA (Palestinian Authority) called for three days of wrath. Hamas Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh on Thursday called for Friday as a day of wrath.

Today, Thursday, 19 Kislev, the Arab violence is underway. Below are a few examples of events which occurred between noon and 3:00pm.

  • 12:00: Confrontations with security forces in the Azzoun area of Shomron
  • 12:40: Confrontations between PA residents at soldiers at Vered Yericho Checkpoint
  • 12:42: Thousands of Arabs rioting in areas of Hebron. Six arrests made
  • 12:46: Rock attacks near Beit El, in the area of Jalazoun
  • 13:07: Rock attacks in the area of el-Hader in Gush Etzion
  • 13:08: Rock attacks near Otniel in the S. Hebron Hills
  • Rioting in the area of the southern Gate to Ariel in the Shomron
  • 13:54: Rock attacks and burning tires in the area of Maale Shomron in the Shomron
  • 14:02: Hundreds of PA residents moving towards Chawarah Checkpoint in the Shomron
  • 14:42: Rock attacks reported south of Karmei Tzur in Gush Etzion
  • 14:44: Arabs report the closure of Shar Shechem entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.
  • 15:00: Violent confrontation bwteeen PA residents and IDF soldiers at northern entrance to el-Bireh.

Sources for above reports include TPS, and Hatzoloh Yosh.