Police investigators arrived today at the home of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who was scheduled to be interrogated for the fifth time. The Prime Minister was to be investigated regarding two open cases for which he is suspected of having orchestrated foul play. He was interrogated for more than four hours regarding his involvement in a number of cases that are open against him

For the past four days, two people close to Netnayhau have been interrogated by police investigators regarding their involvement in the alleged issues. The men are attorney David Shimron, a cousin of and personal lawyer for the Prime Minister, and Attorney Yitzchak Molcho who has acted as a personal messenger for the Prime Minister for issues that require secrecy.

Shimron, who represented Miki Ganur, a representative of the German conglomorate ThyssenKrupp, and is suspected of pushing the submarine deal through the Defense Ministry. Had the submarine deal gone through, Shimron would make millios.

Ganur in the meantime has agreed to testify for the prosecution. Molcho stated that in the altercation that occurred between the two men three days ago, the subject of the submarines did not come up. Police are attributing charges of fraud and breach of trust to Molcho for not having divulged that his involvement in the office’s operations was on behalf of the German conglomerate in trying to close the deal with Israel.