Israel Police has completed preparations for Sukkos 5778. Police, border police, special units and undercover units will be assigned around the country with an emphasis on high profile areas and areas attracting large crowds. This of course includes the Old City of Jerusalem, with an emphasis on the Kosel Plaza.

Police remind the general public that there are traffic changes during Yomtov, which includes the closure of Route 1 between Bar Lev Junction to Derech Hebron /Miriam Hashmonit. Chativat Yerushalayim will close as well, in both directions.

Visitors to the Old City are urged to use public transportation and to take advantage of the park and ride in the Mamilla parking and Karta parking areas. One may get to the Old City from there via the Jerusalem light rail and buses.

On Tuesday 20 Tishrei, during the afternoon hours, the Jerusalem Parade is set to take place between Sacher Park and Mitcham HaTachana. On the day of the parade, beginning at 2:30PM, there will be street closures including:

Rupin, Ben Tzvi (from Aggripas to Rupin) in both directions, Ben-Yehuda, Shmuel HaNagid, Bari, King George, Hillel, Ben-Sira, King David and David. The streets will open as per the decision of police commander after the parade passes through.

Drivers are encouraged to use Waze, which will be provide real-time updates. One may also call the police ‘110’ police traffic number.