The State Prosecutor has filed a criminal indictment against two Yassam policemen on behalf of the Justice Department Police Investigation Unit in the Rishon L’Tzion Magistrate Court. They two, members of the police commando unit, will face charges for allegedly beating the chareidi man in Meron on Lag B’Omer.

In May 2017, many police forces, including the two accused policemen, Guy Ochayon and Yoav Pundaki, secured the Lag B’Omer celebrations on Har Meron, where Guy Ochayon served as team leader and Yoav Fundaki served under his command. The complainant and his friends, like many other celebrants, arrived at the public transport station in Meron, at which point an argument arose over the loading of the bus by the complainant’s friends, during which Yoav Pundaki caught the complainant by the lapel of his shirt and pulled him off the bus while cursing him.

When he got out of the bus, the police grabbed the complainant by the neck and tied his hand tightly behind him and led him to a side corner near the collection station, kicking him in the legs for no reason.

During the complainant’s arrival, the yarmulke fell from his head, and despite requests from the police to help him lift the yarmulke, the defendants refused to do so and even stomped on it while cursing the complainant and telling him, “You do not deserve this yarmulke”.

The complainant was taken to the side corner and Yoav Pundaki bent the complainant’s head, opened his legs tightly and began to beat him, while continuing to taunt the complainant. Guy Ochayon turned to him and said, “Be careful with your hands in the area of ​​the bus. It is a network of cameras. If you want to take care of someone, you will take care of him only here.”

Yoav Pundaki folded the complainant’s hand more tightly and continued to bend his body to the ground, while continuing to curse him. In response, the complainant began to cry, but the defendants did not let go of him and continued to hold him and curse him. In the above-mentioned actions, the defendants joined together, attacked the complainant and caused him serious injuries. The two were arrested following the complaint of the victim and as of today they were indicted.