It is now cleared to report that the Israelis critically wounded in the Friday morning 20 Tammuz terror attack on Har Habayis were policemen. They have died of their massive injuries.

The policemen, both members of the Druse communities, have been identified as:
1. Kamil Shanan, from the village of Hurfeish
2. Hayil Sethawi, from the village of Magar.

The funeral in Magar is scheduled to begin at 4:00PM and the funeral in Hurfeish is set to begin at 6:30PM.

The third wounded officer is reported in stable condition in a Jerusalem hospital. The Islamic Waqf continues to demand that Israel reopen Har Habayis for Friday prayers. Police remain on high alert.

It is reported that all of the terrorists were Israeli citizens, from the Israeli Arab Municipality of Um el-Fahm. They ranged in age from 19 to 29.

Terrorists had Israeli IDs and driver’s license

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat issued the following statement: “On behalf of the residents of Jerusalem, I send condolences to the families of the two policemen who were murdered this morning while carrying out their mission to protect the lives of the residents. This was a particularly serious attack, intended to create chaos and inflame the situation on Har Habayis.

“Anyone who thinks they will seek their goal with terrorism against holy sites is sorely incorrect, as the opposite is true for we will chase them down and exact a price from anyone involved in murderous terror. We will not surrender but we will continue our daily routine including building Jerusalem. Simultaneously, we must reexamine the security situation and the security status on Har Habayis. I give my total backing to Jerusalem district police and border police, who are moser nefesh to protect us and the capital of Israel day in and day out, permitting us to continue with full lives”.

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