Jerusalem Police Chief Yoram Halevy ordered distancing Tom Nisani, who was married on Har Habayis two weeks ago, from the holy site for six months. according to his Facebook post, he received a letter informing him of the ban against visiting the holy site.

It should be noted that Nisani, who serves as chairman of the Students for Har Habayis Movement, has the right to submit objections to the decision within two weeks of receiving the letter.

Nisani himself wrote that his connection with Har Habayis began five years ago and included hundreds of visits. In addition, he noted that a secular woman named Rachel Yanait, who later married President Yitzhak Ben Tzvi, was excited about the site.

Nisani indicates he plans to challenge the decision of the Jerusalem commander, unwilling to accept being distanced from Har Habayis for six months.