Dear and beloved volunteers,

With deep sorrow we announce the death of our dear volunteer Efraim (Effi) Gadassi Z”L.

Efraim, an EMT in the Ambucycle Unit, was critically wounded while on his way to a medical emergency call at 3:30AM in the center of Jerusalem. He died of his wounds shorty after at the hospital. The United Hatzalah family, the organization’s volunteers, board and administration, are mourning this tragedy and share the sorrow with the family.

Ephraim, a father of three young children, was a very active volunteer. He did so with great dedication in his activities as an EMT, Ted Kavod, and ER volunteer, he helped many and saved lives. He was a symbol and example of volunteerism for the public at any time.

Dear volunteers, I ask that we all in these very difficult moments take upon ourselves in the merit of Ephraim, to continue to embark on any emergency call even more intensely despite the tremendous difficulty at this moment.

Please continue with the great mitzva of ואהבת לריעך כמוך (Love thy neighbor as thyself),

In these days of sorrow we will dedicate our holy lifesaving work to uplift the soul of Ephraim Ben Moshe and Shoshana Gadasi Z”L.

We accompany the Gadassi family and support them wherever necessary.

The funeral will be held today at 11:00AM in Jerusalem; from Shamgar to Har Hamenuchot.

On behalf of the board and management of United Hatzalah, who are mourning with the family.

Eli Beer – President