Incoming US Ambassador to Israel attorney David Friedman is beginning to set up shop and for him, this includes kashering his official residence in Herzliya, not relying on the kashrus of his predecessor Dan Shapiro, who was not shomer Shabbos. Towards achieving this goal; Ambassador Friedman turned to a close friend and chavrusa, head Chabad Shaliach to the Five Towns Rabbi Zalman Wolowik. Wolowik told the ambassador that he will fly to Israel and personally see to it that the job is done.

Friedman tried to persuade him not to fly himself, but the rabbi was insistent, and together with his team, they arrived to the home in Herzliya Pituach and kashered the kitchen, affixed new mezuzos, and did whatever necessary so the home was ready to accommodate a frum family.

Speaking on Monday morning 19 Iyar with Noam Zeigman of Kol Berama Radio, Rav Wolowik explained “from my perspective, it was natural that I would fly and personally kasher the home and bring new mezuzos”.

Zeigman asked if there was a need to kasher since Shapiro was Jewish. Wolowik explained “I do not know the former ambassador but I can say now, the house is kosher mehadrin as per the ambassador’s standards”.