Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 16, 2017 - Tens of thousands attended the Pesach Brikas Kohanim at the Kossel on Thursday morning, but  all of Chol Hamoed and Yom Tov, thousands more came to the Old City.

On Peaach, some Yerushalayim restaurants are closed, but ice cream and matzah sandwiches are seen on all around. Street musicians were playing music and lining the way through Mamilla Mall to the Rova and Kossel Plaza. 

Thousands of people came by bus and on foot, seniors on canes, babies in strollers, most dressed in their holiday finest. Police blocked main streets and and tried to direct traffic, as it backed up. 

Near the Plaza two young tress in bloom were placed so that those coming on Chol HaMoed could stop and say the special bracha on new blossoms in Chodesh Nissan.

For those not this year in Jerusalem, BJL presents this photo essay. enjoy the beauty of Pesach in Yerushalayim.