Interior Minister Aryeh Deri is angry with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu because he was not invited to China despite the fact his ministry is supposed to sign a cooperation agreement with China.

According to the Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) report, Deri was “surprised” to learn other cabinet ministers were invited to join, including Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, Environmental Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin and Health Minister Yaakov Litzman.

Deri was already sending messages to party colleagues just how to retaliate when the cabinet secretary became aware of what was taken place, sending Deri and invitation to join the delegation. Deri declined.

Galei Tzahal quoted a “Shas source” saying “It is unacceptable that Netanyahu shows no loyalty to those most loyal to him in the coalition. It is the prime minister’s tendency to crush those closest to him and Shas is not be willing to absorb this disregard”.