Israel is to begin 'opening up' on Sunday, October 18, 2020, after the second and recent COVID-19 lockdown. 

Jerusalem, Israel - Oct. 17, 2020 - Starting on Shabbos, thousands of protesters began to converge in Yerushalayim for a loud, late-night demonstration near Paris Fountain. The protesters, shouting, tooting horns, and banging on drums, moved through the streets toward the downtown area and Knesset after 11:00 pm.

A stark contrast to Erev Shabbos, when the same streets were unusually quiet. 

Friday, October 16, BJL walked by Paris Fountain, along King George Street, to Ben Yehudah and Yafo Road, and past the Machane Yehuda Market.

Buses were running, though most had only a few passengers. Streets had few if any cars on them. The light rail trains were also running with many fewer passengers.  

Rows of stores were closed. Only shops selling essential items like eyeglasses, and drug stores were allowed to open. Building construction continued, breaking the silence on some streets.

Stores selling food 'to go' along Agrippas Street were doing business as people prepared for Shabbos and an uncertain future. 

There was little security seen on the quiet streets, however, a guard was positioned at the shuk entrance to check the health of persons wanting to enter the market. 

Certainly not the usual Erev Shabbos shopping crowds, but the shuk was one of the busiest locations in Yerushalayim on Friday under lockdown. In other neighborhoods, people could be seen lined up, socially distanced to buy challah and other provisions. 

Or just to take a walk in the pleasant weather and get some sun and exercise before another quiet Shabbos at home without guests.