On Friday United Hatzalah volunteers responded to two separate incidents where children were left in hot cars.

The first incident occurred in Modi’in when a 1-year-old infant was left in the car for an elongated period of time. The child suffered heatstroke. United Hatzalah volunteers responded to the scene and treated the child before he was rushed to the hospital in moderate condition.

The second incident occurred not long afterward in Netanya when a 9-month-old baby was locked in a car for a number of hours on Efraim Elnekave Street.  United Hatzalah’s Dispatch and  Command Center received a call alerting them to the incident and volunteer EMTs rushed to the scene. United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Mendy Oshky said: “When we arrived at the scene family members of the infant told us that the child had been locked in the car for an elongated period of time. Miraculously, the car was parked in a shady spot and this prevented a tragedy from occurring. I together with the other EMS personnel that responded treated the infant at the scene before he was transported by an intensive care ambulance to Laniado Hospital. The child was fully conscious when he was transported.”

United Hatzalah urges everyone to look out for children who are forgotten and locked in cars in parking lots and on the street, and urges parents to never leave their child in a car, not even for a second.