The Ramat Gan city council on Tuesday evening decided to offer Shabbos busing to entertainment centers, after a previous council meeting had ended inconclusively and was met by a sharp response from religious Knesset members.

MK Ofir Sofer tweeted, “I have a lot of love for the city of Ramat Gan. As a paratrooper, I remember the city as being very connecting, it’s the paratroopers’ adopted hometown. And I ask, where on earth are you taking this, [mayor] Carmel Shama? And for what – the love of the media? What about the love of your residents?”

MK Uri Maklev also criticized the move, saying, “Throughout the years, Ramat Gan has known how to respect every part of the community. Every mayor throughout history has respected sensitivity to religion. Harming the Shabbos is a double injury. The very fact that the decision was made is a breach of a boundary, the likes of which have not been seen in the city since its founding.”

“With this decision, the mayor, who claims he respects traditions, has sold his Jewish values in exchange for advancing interests which he sees as offering him political and electoral gain. Experience has shown that harming the holy Shabbos does not bring any gain. Willfully harming the holy Shabbos does not succeed, and we protest it.

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