Jerusalem - Who is the richest Israeli?

According to The Marker, 73-year-old Miriam Adelson earned that title this past year.

An Israeli citizen, she has an estimated value of $22 billion. Most of that amount is made up of stock shares that her husband, Sheldon Adelson, gifted her last year. The Adelson Foundation pours hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to various causes in Israel and the United States.

According to The Marker, Miriam Adelson has been in the spotlight more in recent months because her husband is suffering from blood cancer.

In 2018, she took over as CEO of the free Hebrew daily Israel Hayom.

She has been outspoken on political issues in Israel, including supporting the controversial Nation-State Law.

Adelson was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She studied internal medicine at Tel Aviv University. When she lived in Israel, she worked at a local hospital. After getting a divorce from her first husband, she moved to the states and began working in drug rehabilitation. She treated Sheldon Adelson’s son, who later died of an overdose. Eventually, she and Sheldon became a couple. Read more at JPost