Caesarea, Israel - May 30, 2019 - In Caesarea Harbor, on the coast of Israel, at the Vaults of King Herod, an evening event launched a new innovative Visitor Center. The project was funded by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation with a 150 million shekel investment. The challenging engineering design was under the Caesarea Development Corporation.  Five years of research and intensive work by the best archaeologists of the Israel Antiquities Authority and experts from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority were involved.

President Reuven Rivlin spoke, Wednesday night, May 29, at the inauguration of Caesarea vaults. Upon arrival, the President toured the visitor center, accompanied by Baroness Ariane de Rothschild. The visitor center uniquely presents archaeological findings that tell the story of the establishment of Caesarea and its history.

The center includes a video, with actors and animation, to introduce the visitors to Herod the King of Judea, and his founding of Caesarea. 


In his opening remarks the President said: "Caesarea attracts thousands of visitors every year, and I believe that in the near future, it will gain its rightful place as one of the most impressive windows to the world of the ancient past. A lot of the old city is still underground, a gift of history waiting to be discovered." The President thanked the Rothschild family for their support which enabled this project and their contributions to development in Jerusalem over the decades. 


The new Visitor Center will open to the public on June 1st, entrance to the center is free of charge for National Park ticket holders.

Treasures hidden for over 2,000 years in the land have been revealed as the immense Harbor Vaults have been restored. The photo essay includes scenes outside and inside the Visitor Center, and screenshots from the video presentation.