Jerusalem - Google Arts & Culture recently launched the “Once Upon a Try” exhibit, the largest online display about inventions and discoveries ever curated.

Collections from over 110 cultural institutions and museums from 23 countries have joined the project, including The National Library of Israel (NLI), the first Israeli organization to participate in this broad and encompassing endeavor.

The National Library contributed three new digital exhibitions to the initiative.

The first, titled “Dye hard: the race to revolutionize the color red,” offers an exploration of how the dye industry evolved throughout history and shaped it.

“Isaac Newton’s Theological Papers,“ drawing from the NLI’s collection of nearly 8,000 of Newton’s papers, and “Maps of the Holy Land and Jerusalem,” featuring treasures from the National Library’s world-leading Cartographic Collection, are the other two Israeli additions to the Google project.

“Once Upon a Try” enables anyone to access some 400 interactive exhibitions that pay tribute to humanity’s greatest steps in science and technology

Outstanding displays include a tour inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and a visit to the International Space Station.

Surfers can explore NASA’s archive of 127,000 images in a new storytelling tool, powered by Google machine learning. Read more at VINnews