The life of Yossi Yehuday (74) from Petah Tikva was saved thanks to the Magen David Adom team, led by paramedic Tal Morag* After recovering and returning home, Yossi first met Tal when he invited her home to teach him and his family CPR
Yossi Yehuday (74) lost consciousness and collapsed in the yard of a building in Petach Tikvah while on his way home from the synagogue. The paramedic at the MDA 101 Dispatch Center immediately identified the severity of the incident and dispatched the MDA MICU and first responders while instructing the civilian who witnessed the incident how to perform basic CPR.
The MICU team led by paramedic Tal Morag, together with the ambulance team and first responders, provided medical treatment and performed prolonged resuscitation efforts that included electric shocks, medications, respirations and compressions until Yossi's pulse stabilized and he was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition. In the emergency room, Yossi lost his pulse for the second time and the MDA team continued to fight for his life together with the hospital's medical team until his condition stabilized and he was transferred for further treatment.
Two days after the incident, paramedic Tal Morag arrived at the hospital and asked to visit Yossi, who was in a critical condition, sedated and ventilated, but only met his family members who were very excited to see her and thanked her and MDA team for their efforts.
Recently MDA Paramedic Tal Morag met Yossi for the first time in his home in Petach Tikva when she came to visit him and to provide CPR training to Yossi, his wife Hefezi and their family members.
MDA Paramedic Tal Morag: "When I came to visit Yossi at the hospital, he was unconscious. The doctors told me that his condition is stable and that the check they performed showed no brain damage. His wife and children who met me at the hospital told me that I was their Chanukka miracle. When I heard a few days later that Yossi was released home without any damage, I wanted to meet him but I also wanted to make the visit memorable and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to teach Yossi and his family what to do during the critical moments like the situation in which Yossi found himself just a short time ago. The moment I went into the house and saw Yossi in the living room, I was moved. It was the first time I had met a patient who I had resuscitated and had completely recovered. To teach Yossi and his family how very simple actions can save lives is a closing the circle for me. "
"I was very excited to meet Tal," said Yossi Yehuday after his home instruction: "I have no words to thank her for her professionalism and for the fact that she and her team saved my life by providing the correct medical treatment after I collapsed and lost consciousness. I also want to say thank you to the bystanders who were around and called MDA and thus saved my life. We, as human beings, must be aware of everything that is happening around us, and when Tal instructed us how to perform resuscitation activities for my family, I was amazed to discover how we did not know until now what to to do in a case that like happened to me and how we can help those who need help and save their lives in very basic activities. "