Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 5, 2018 - The weather was warm and conducive to be outside over Pesach in Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem parks, museums and tourist sites were filled with families enjoying the holiday vacation time.

One of Jerusalem's newest tourist locations is The First Station. The renovated, old abandoned train station now has restaurants, activities for children, families and tourist shops. For Peasch, popular Lehem Basar was closed, but more than one location served up kosher mehadrin pizza.

Stalls in the market featured jewelry, natural dyed scarves, hat and more to purchase.

On Thursday morning, April 5, First Station hosted the launch of "Jerusalem, the Experiential Guidebook." Tali Kaplinski Tarlow, author and founder of Scaventures, along with family and friends, were on hand to not only sell the new volume, which features Jerusalem's most famous neighborhoods, but introduce the newest Train Route.