An eight-year-old Jewish boy was ‘viciously beaten’ as he walked home from school on Monday in London’s Orthodox-Jewish populated Stamford Hill neighborhood.

London Shomrim documented the ‘shocking incident’ in a series of posts to it’s twitter account.

The boy was walking on Dunsmure Road when a man described as ‘white, and wearing gloves’ attacked him from behind, pushed him to the wall and beat him severely.

Fortunately, two people came to his rescue and chased away the attacker.

Shomrim reports the child then ran home and up all the stairs before collapsing. He was then crying, traumatized and unable to talk for the next 4.5 hours.

The unprovoked attack left the child with swelling and marks near his chest, neck, shoulder and face, for which he was later hospitalized.

Shaye Gluck from Stamford Hill Shomrim said: “This was a vicious attack on a young boy in broad daylight on a very busy residential street.

“This attack has affected this young boy’s life severely. He keeps on having flashbacks and goes into shock mode where he loses his speech again.

“It is unacceptable that children can no longer walk home from school safely. Shomrim volunteers have increased patrols in the local area and are scouring through hours of CCTV.”

Shomrim added they are “doing all we can to support this young boy and his family, and to assist with the investigation.”

The Metropolitan Police said they were aware of the incident and that an allegation of common assault had been made.

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Shomrim N.E. London @Shomrim

An 8 year old Jewish boy was viciously beaten in an unprovoked attack on his way home from school on Dunsmure Road in  

4:39 AM - Sep 12, 2017 · Hackney, London

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Shomrim N.E. London @Shomrim

Replying to @Shomrim and 11 others

This is a shocking incident!!! We're doing all we can to support this young boy and his family, and to assist with the investigation

4:56 AM - Sep 12, 2017

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