Officials at the University of Sussex have launched an investigation into graffiti found last week on campus that read, “Jet fuel can’t melt Jews. Holocaust was an inside job,” the UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported Monday.

The message was found on a public blackboard in Library Square and exposed on Twitter by a student, according to the report.

This was the second antisemitic incident in the past week at the university, with school newspaper The Badger reporting Thursday that a poster advertising a talk by Israeli scholars Yoav Peled and Horit Herman Peled, about their new book, The Religionization of Israeli Society, was defaced with swastikas.

Sussex’s Jewish Society expressed disgust with recent events and told The Badger, “We would like to reassure Jewish students that we are committed to their safety and wellbeing on campus and will take whatever measures necessary to protect that.”

In a statement, Sussex Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell said the university had taken “immediate action” and would “not tolerate any acts which are illegal or incite hatred,” according to the school paper.

The UK is in the midst of annual Israeli Apartheid Week programming, which an Oxford University alum recently described as a “fig leaf for ugly Jew-baiting.”