The United States House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bipartisan bill on Thursday that aims to build on the Abraham Accords between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

The bill, introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Brad Schneider on April 30, requires the State Department to take certain actions to promote further normalization of relations between Israel, Arab states, and other relevant countries and regions. It was authored by Schneider and other members of Congress.

A Senate version of the bill was introduced on March 25 by Senator Rob Portman along with other senators. This version was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in June and is awaiting a vote by the Senate.

According to a bill summary by the Congressional Research Service, the legislation would require the State Department to develop a strategy for expanding and strengthening the accords, as well as have the US encourage further normalization of relations with Israel.... Read More: Israel Hayom