The head of the Maryland Restaurant Association is asking Gov. Larry Hogan to increase indoor dining capacity from 50% to 75%. 

“Pretty soon we are going to get to the point where outdoor dining is not a viable option for restaurants,” said MRA President Marshall Weston. “As the weather begins to turn and as we forecast how difficult it is going to be to get through the end of this year, we really need to see an increased indoor capacity for restaurants in order for them to help survive this pandemic."

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Weston said Hogan’s team would make the decision, but he calls it a "reasonable stepping stone."

Counties, then, would have to make their own decisions. 

“We would certainly encourage the counties to move forward once the governor does give that go ahead and hopefully it comes soon,” he said. “Restaurants have significantly more safeguards in place than other businesses. They are ready to go. Keeping them at 50% for too long is only going to continue to hurt them.” Read more at WBAL