Baltimore, MD - Mar. 31, 2017 - Quinoa is Kosher L’Pesach and is not related to the five types of chometz grains, millet or rice. However, because there is a possibility that quinoa grows in proximity to chometz grains and may be processed in facilities that compromise its Kosher for Passover status, quinoa should be accepted only with a reliable Kosher for Passover approval

There was a change in production at Ancient Harvest brand Quinoa this year and we have certified only a special run of quinoa.

The following Ancient Harvest quinoa is approved for Passover this year — (The boxes are available at 7 Mile Market Passover section; double check the boxes to be sure.)

Ancient Harvest White Grains Traditional Organic  Quinoa (12 oz. box), are approved for Passover use when bearing the “STAR-K” symbol and a “Best By” date of 2/01/19 through 2/28/19. A “Kosher for Passover” symbol on the label is not necessary.

If you purchased a box prior to last Passover it remains approved for this Passover as well.

Ancient Harvest White Organic  Quinoa (50 lb bulk bag) is approved for Passover with the “STAR-K” symbol; there is no need to check dates. A “Kosher for Passover” symbol on the label is not necessary. This is available by ordering from the company (310) 217-8125.