Julie ‘Basya’ Goffstein, an Orthodox Jewish mother of 6 is out of jail and thanking everyone who advocated for her, “sent me messages, screamed like heck to get me relief, and defended my name. I’m forever grateful” she said publicly on her Facebook page.

According to the Woman’s Coalition, Julie was found in contempt for not paying her ex husband’s attorney’s fees and for contacting her children. She was being forced to pay $10,000 for her wealthy ex’s attorney’s fees, which she does not have because Judge Sieve deprived her of her rightful marital assets. She was also being found in contempt for contacting her children, who he unjustly took away from her, ostensibly due to her religious beliefs— (the father left the Jewish life that he raised the kids on and complained to the judge that Orthodoxy was a cult  )which is unconstitutional. Tellingly, he only took the four youngest boys because the father did not want the two oldest, proving that it is not really about religion.

The Orthodox mother of 6 thanked all those who called the Chief Justice of Ohio saying that her office was bombarded with phone calls.