Brooklyn, NY - A Williamsburg man who was arrested just last month for a synagogue burglary has found himself on the wrong side of the law once again after being hauled in today by police in connection with a weekend robbery at a local housewares store.
27 year old Angel Rosales was arrested this afternoon by police at 12:35 PM near the Williamsburg Bridge and charged with burglary. A video taken by a bystander shows police handcuffing Rosales this afternoon.

Police said that they could not say at this time how they connected Rosales to Saturday robbery at Homery, a Jewish-owned business located at 34 Franklin Avenue.
According to police, Rosales jumped over a fence on Little Nassau Street near the back end of the store and entered the building through an open window that had been covered over in plastic.
Once inside, Rosales allegedly used a screwdriver to gain entry to the store, moving three cash registers from one room to another before emptying them of approximately $1200 in cash and fleeing the premises.
Police said that Rosales has a history of more than 30 prior arrests dating back to 2009 and was charged with burglary on June 8th for stealing an unattended wallet at the Brashov synagogue on Wallabout Street.