Trials and travails are a reality of Galus. Over the past 18 months, Klal Yisroel and Reb Yisroel have faced challenges and through it all we survived and we thrived.

COVID-19, loss of our gedolim, shuls shuttered, families suffering through illness and tragedy, schools closed, challenges to the chinuch and self esteem of our children, financial woes, Meron, Stolin, Surfside… we faced an unending stream of tests.

Time and time again, with the help of Hashem, we emerge from the kur habarzel resilient and unbreakable. 

Join us as we celebrate our accomplishments and growth, and let us reflect on what makes it all possible.  

From where do we get this strength, how can we become stronger, and how can we pass it on to the next generation? Join us at The Agudah Convention as Gedolei Yisroel guide us along our unbreakable path.

The convention will take place Thanksgiving Weekend (21 - 24 Kislev), at the Hilton Parsippany, NJ.

For more information call 212.797.7380, email, or go to