The Pentagon is proposing a $15.4 billion fiscal 2021 budget for the Space Force, the newly minted sixth branch of the military.

The money, largely transferred from existing Air Force programs, would include $2.5 billion for operations and maintenance, $10.3 billion for research and development, $2.4 billion for procurement and $77 million from a war fund known as the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account.

“Legally establishing the U.S. Space Force does not guarantee the United States preeminence in the space domain — the nation must commit sufficient and appropriate resources to properly accomplish its assigned responsibilities,” said the Pentagon’s budget overview, released Monday. “These investments will provide for freedom of operations in space, strengthen the mission assurance of capabilities to support U.S. and allied forces in all domains, as well as protecting these forces against potential adversaries’ space-enabled capabilities.”

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