JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Tzipi Rimel, who was tragically killed in a road accident Sunday evening together with her three-week old daughter Noam, was a dedicated and much loved teacher who recently spent four years in Chicago with her family where she taught, inspired, educated and motivated her students at Ida Crown Jewish Academy (ICJA). Many of her proteges have successfully made Aliya and established themselves in Israel, after she encouraged and advised them on how to integrate into Israeli society and how to make a meaningful contribution to others, just as she did for so many.

Tzipi Rimel’s (z’l) family has requested that we share stories about Tzipi so that they can share them with her children. The stories reveal a multifaceted woman who was both mother and teacher as well as being a pioneer and trailblazer who succeeded in impressing and inspiring with her sterling qualities and empathetic approach to all of her students.

One such student shared his story on a Facebook page opened to commemorate Tzipi:

“My name is Barry Rosenblum. I was fortunate to have Gveret Rimel as my Hebrew teacher during my senior year at Ida Crown in 2013.

“Firstly, Gveret Rimel had the world’s warmest and most genuine smile. Any time she would see me out of class in the halls she would stop to say hello, ask me why I wasn’t in class, and kindly tell me to not make too much noise in the halls. She was simply one of the sweetest and kindest souls I ever met.

“When I was younger, I had some behavioral issues and my ADHD got me into a lot of trouble. By my senior year, I was no longer getting into trouble, but my reputation amongst the teachers was not the best. Gveret Rimel did something only one other teacher in the school was able to do: Make me believe in myself.

“I remember the exact instance very fondly, I came to Gveret Rimel to study for a Hebrew test during my lunch period (as she would give up her free time for all of her students). Keep in mind, I was a Senior in high school with a class consisting of mainly freshmen and sophomores. I was aggravated with the fact that my Hebrew was not improving. After expressing my frustration, Gveret Rimel looked at me and said the following:

“It takes a while to learn new languages, and when you go to Israel next year, I guarantee you will learn more Hebrew than you ever thought possible.”

“She went on to tell me, “I know you will be as big as your dreams are one day because you work hard and you know what you want in your life.”

She was one of two teachers I had in high school that gave me such beautiful words of encouragement. These words still ring in my head to this very day and have motivated me to start my own business in Los Angeles, continue learning Hebrew, and most importantly: Be kind.

“Gveret Rimel was someone who made people believe in themselves and feel safe. She made sure each of her students knew they could achieve anything they set their minds too. Her presence, smile, and warmth will be remembered by everyone that was blessed to meet her forever. She is and was a true tzadekes.

“We will all miss her dearly. We will all make her proud.”

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