The A Team Presents, The Symphony of Yomim Noroim. It is our pleasure to once again bring you another collection from what has a become an annual tradition in the A-Team Shlome Daskal series. This time, the collection was chosen opting for the nostalgic sound of the old Suki & Ding Albums, we grew up when we were kids. You cannot help but feel those memories when you watch this video, we were honored to have Suki Beri arrange the medley for us, along side Avremi G, to help capture the essence and the purity of those albums. As you can imagine, a project like this involves a large team of people to execute it to perfection, please take a moment to acknowledge the people behind the making of this special video. And may we all be zoche to A ksiva v”chasima Tova & A Shana Tova Mesuka Produced by: Yitzy Schwartz Music Arranged: Suki Beri & Avremi G Conducted by: Yitzy Schwartz Live Mix: Eli Lishinsky & Daniel Baruch Click Programming: Avremi G, Eli Gerstner, Ruli Ezrachi Post production: Yisrael Orbach, Platinum Productions, MK Studios, Pluto Studios Additional Guitars: Amit Peled, Stol Chiyana Additional Bass Overdubs: Ramon De Bruyn Choir Arranged and conducted: Aba Berkowitz of Lev Choir Event Production: DS Productions LLC Post Mix: V- Gold Production Production manager: Motty Jay Live Video: Motty Engel Video Edit: Leiby Wieder - Studio62