The Lawfare Project has announced that it has filed a new case against Kuwait Airways in Germany, over the airline’s policy of anti-Semitic discrimination on its flights. The case is being brought by a Frankfurt based Israeli businessman who booked a flight from Munich to Sri Lanka in November last year, only to be denied the right to travel.

The plaintiff in the new case, known as Shmuel M, booked business class tickets from Munich to Colombo, which was the quickest flight to Sri Lanka available from that airport. When Shmuel M asked about the availability of kosher food on the flight the airline asked whether he held an Israeli passport. When he confirmed that he did, he was told that he would be unable to travel and would need to speak to the airline’s lawyers for further information.

Kuwait Airways has previously justified its discrimination by citing a decades old Kuwaiti law that bans all Kuwaiti citizens and companies from doing any business with citizens of the Jewish state. The airline has previously been forced to cancel its NYC-London flights, and all its inter-European flights, rather than compromise its discriminatory practices.

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